StephanieI am picking this up again after a hiatus of a few days. The construction work on the road is over, but University College had its own construction project in the works that began in earnest the day before yesterday. They are adding an entire wing to the main building, which will join the ends of both wings, turning the rose garden into an enclosure. This will take a good part of a year to complete. Right now we are living adjacent to the action. It is nearly noon now. Stephanie crawled from her bed into ours around eight this morning, since her bedroom is even noisy than ours. She’s sleeping peacefully now, even through the peircing punctuation of the backup alarms and the rattle of the treads on the giant earthmoving equipment. Amazing. Across the road, Princes Park now resembles a medieval city, complete with moat (chain link fencing) and giant white tents that resemble canvas castles. This tent city has been constructed for the Big Day Out, which we will now miss because I have booked us into a cottage on Sunday night about three hours south of here. We’ll be staying near Wilson’s Promontory, a National Park that is reputed to be beautiful. We should have some peace and quiet for at least one night before we move. I’m renting a car for this excursion, but we have some money down on a Subaru Forester. So, we are ready for the Outback.