I am writing this on New Year’s Day, which is New Year’s Eve for those of you in North America. I know, it’s confusing. So is the weather, of course. Since I’m in the southern hemisphere it is high summer here. Yesterday was the hottest day of the hottest year on record. It got up to 106 F during the afternoon and “cooled down” to 90 by midnight.

I do hate to be profligate when it comes to energy use, but we took pity on our Maine Coon Cat and switched on the air conditioner. The high ceilings and lack of windows help keep the house relatively cool, but the aircon definitely helped us cope.

By midnight, I was fast asleep. From this you may reasonably infer that we are not exactly party animals. We were not among the half a million revelers celebrating in the center of the city watching 10,000 explosions going off. One young twenty-something was quoted in today’s paper with the memorable line: “We’re going to get shit faced.” Her resolution for the New Year? “Party harder than last year.” I’m really glad to be past that.

I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions but perhaps I can make an exception this year. I will attempt to be more prolific this year with new material on the web log. I will try to take my camera with me often so I can get more pictures. I will attempt to write about issues that intimidate me, like Australian politics, sports and aboriginal issues. I will do some exploring beyond my “comfort zones.”

My wife mentioned to me the other day that I have been remiss in not writing about roses. This is a city full of flowers. Every front yard has a garden, and nearly every garden has roses. They are absolutely fabulous and they are about to be wiped out by the heat. I took all the pics for this particular post this morning on a short walk to return a DVD.

The heatwave we are suffering from will decimate the gardens and the trees, of course. But the roses will return. They are hardy, like the Australians. “That, which we call a rose/ By any other name would smell as sweet.” That which we call a blog is simply an attempt to communicate, to share the images and ideas that have landed in my lap with a few of you.

Happy New Year! to my faithful readers and anyone who happens across this blog and tunes in to my peculiar point of view. Good on ya!