The author of this blog is deeply apologetic over the lack of new pics and stories.  It may be difficult for millions of readers to understand, but yours truly is actually too busy to write at the moment.  How can a man who does not work for a living be too busy, you say?

We are in transition again, and there is a lot of preparation required for this particular move.  On Saturday, we will be traveling back to North America.  We’ll stop in Portland to see my son and his family, spend Christmas in Nova Scotia with our daughter, then head down east coast of the U.S.A.  From January to June we will be in Durham, North Carolina.  My wife will be teaching a course at Duke during a sabbatical semester away from the University of Melbourne.

There has been no shortage of lively events in this part of the world.  The Liberals had such a big fight about a  Labour plan to introduce emissions  trading that Malcolm Turnbull was toppled from leadership.  His team had negotiated with the government to go along with emissions trading and this did not sit well with the more conservative members of the party.  Tony Abbott has taken over.  He’s just challenged Prime Minister Rudd to a series of debates about the emissions trading scheme.

Abbott’s a former Rhodes Scholar, so I’m sure the debate will be intelligent and enlightening.   Australia is one of the biggest contributors to global warming around on a per capita basis (if not the biggest) and the country stands to be severely affected by an increase in temperature.  Weather plays a huge role in bushfires, and the current agricultural practices are unsustainable.

But Aussies, like Americans, are highly suspicious of scientists, intellectuals and environmentalists and they don’t care for change based on something they can’t see.  Even intelligent individuals are capable of convincing themselves that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by tree huggers.  I’m just not sure what they think the purpose is.  What do we stand to gain?  This is not a case of simply wanting to say “I told you so.”

I was happy to see that some young students from Damascus College in Ballarat are committed to countering the spin that is currently coming out of the mainstream media.  They have built themselves a speedy velomobile, and they are currently riding from Darwin to Melbourne.  That is a distance of 3775 kilometers (2360 miles) across the inhospitable Outback.

They started November 29th and hope to arrive on December 9.   They have already ridden across the continent.  Right now they are resting up in Adelaide for the final push.  The aim is to raise funds and awareness about the impact of global warming on the poor people in the world.  Cheer them on or contribute to their quest at “Rage Against Greenhouse Emissions”  at