Anyone who has been on this site in the last couple of days may have noticed a disappearing act. Many of the photos that were supposed to be embedded in the London posts simply vanished, replaced by a window from Flickr saying (in several languages) that they were unavailable. They were still on Flickr; the screw up had to do with my ageing MacBook and a program I use to organise my photos called Lightroom. In attempting to fix one problem, I triggered another.

I won’t bore you with the details. I have gone back and re placed photos in the posts that were affected so everything should appear as it is supposed to. Only the pics may be different to the ones that were there before. And I have uploaded some new pics that don’t have anything to do with the themes I chose to write about in this blog. I just thought you should see them.





We will be doing our own disappearing act soon. We’re heading over The Netherlands for a couple of months. The peripatetic professor has a fellowship outside The Hague. I’m not quite done writing about London yet, but you can say hello to the land of dykes, bikes and tulips.