It is Spring in Grand Pre, Nova Scotia, Canada, where yours truly has settled in for a couple of months. Time to renew my work on the old Stewart house and enjoy the long, long days of summer. The fact that it is raining and chilly at the moment does not dampen my enthusiasm.

It seems that this blog’s raison d’être has exhausted its intent, especially since the peripatetic prof and I are going to be in Canada for awhile. I have decided to go through eight years worth of material and pull out the best ones, starting with this one, a re-post of a re-post. I’ll be doing one a week until I run out of good stuff. Enjoy.

Down Under

We have settled into a dull routine here, I’m afraid. Even though the tax work is done, my good wife has conscripted me to help with the book she is under deadline to complete by the end of the month. I have been looking for something new to blog about and it occurred to me that I have accumulated a lifetime (seven years) of material, so it may be time to start plagiarising myself. All the best writers do. Spring has sprung here in Melbourne and I have written about that before. At this time of year we see almost every kind of weather, from sun to rain, clouds and clear skies, all in the same day. Today is quite spectacular.

From 2007, “The birds go berserk at this time of year. The squawkers get up at first light, but they also make sure you know when the sun is…

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