Needless to say, the photo hardly gives credit to the handsome, distinguished people we are now, nearly twenty years later. Lygon Street is still bustling and Brunetti has re-installed itself in grand fashion back in its old location, tempting all who wander by with cappuccino, pastries and cake.

Down Under

It is hard to credit now, but I actually arrived in Melbourne for the first time ten years ago this month. We were living in Hong Kong at the time, which needs some explaining but that will have to wait another day.

My wife had been invited to teach an intensive ten day course at the law school where she is now employed on a permanent basis. We decided to make a fortnight of our trip and squeeze in a little sightseeing at the end.

For my daughter and I, the whole trip was a holiday. I can no longer remember how it transpired, but we convinced the parents of my daughter’s best friend to let her come along. Her name was Leesa and she was a fine companion for my daughter, the absolute opposite of the spoiled, expat child one sees so often in Hong Kong.

While my wife…

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