It hardly seems like seven and a half years since I wrote this. i’m re-posting this from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a relatively small city dominated by a big river– the South Saskatchewan. You see canoes and paddle boards and jet skis on this river, but I doubt if it hosts anything like the Henley regatta.

Down Under

Despite my recent rant against the Grand Prix, I am as addicted to the convenience of the automobile as anyone else. I use our car for errands, occasional grocery shopping, carrying my bicycle to the starting point of group rides, and, (here comes the hard part) going for walks.

Two or three times a week my wife will hold out an imaginary leash and do her best Barbara Woodhouse imitation of “walkies.” For those of you too young to have seen Barbara on TV, suffice it to say that she was the Margaret Thatcher of dog training. Viewers sat up straighter when her show came on. Dog owners knew instinctively that they were the ones being trained; not the dogs. My wife doesn’t drive, so if she is to have her favorite walk, I’m part of the deal.

The walk she has in mind is a four-kilometer loop down along…

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