For reasons which elude me but may be hinted at in this post, I never was invited back to join the group on any subsequent winter camping expedition.  Maybe it was the snoring, maybe it was clambering across Alan in the middle of the night, or the fact that my stove didn’t work or the fact that I didn’t bring any food….  I could go on.   Never mind.  Any time my crazy Aussie friends wish to experience some real winter, all they have to do is come to see us in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the Great White North.

Down Under

You might think that a seven-hour drive and three hour ski in gale-force winds would go a long way toward ensuring that our home away from home was less than crowded. That we would, in effect, have the place pretty much to ourselves. Such was not the case. We weren’t even the first to arrive for the long weekend. Three other snow campers caught up with us at the dam and made it to the hut before we arrived.

Then there was Basil, a dusky antechinus. He/She seemed to be a regular at Edmondson’s hut and was entirely blase about human intruders. We heard the next morning that that Basil had curled up inside the hearth of the fireplace with a fire going. It sounded almost suicidal, but none of us was an expert.

According to Wikepedia, the Dusky Antechinus is active at many times of the day. It mostly…

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