I am reposting this from the tiny country of Brunei, of all places. My good wife was asked to look into things legislative and financial. Always eager to tag along, yours truly is living in a hotel/resort very much like Versailles at the moment. Hence the pics that don’t seem very wintry. The roads are good and the petrol is inexpensive. Taxis are few. Enjoy this post from 2008.

Down Under

The architecture of Melbourne is to be found in buildings which are, quite literally, all over the map.  I have mentioned before that this city is spread out, but it only sinks in when you see the suburbs light up one by one on an illuminated map which reveals them according to the dates each was founded.  The map is to be found at the ultra modern Melbourne Museum, right next door to one of the city’s architectural showpieces, the Royal Exhibition Building, 1879-1880.

Melbourne was founded in 1835 without the approval of the British administration of London or Sydney.  Free settlers from Tasmania stumbled upon the grazing lands along the Yarra River and set up a small, pastoral settlement producing wool.  The settlement grew slowly for the first sixteen years.  In 1837, the government in Sydney accepted the inevitable and sent surveyors over to establish a grid of streets. …

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