The last of the Kimberley posts. I’m sorry to leave this particular landscape behind. I wish I had plugged more pics into the text, but at the time, the pics on Flickr (to the left of the text) all corresponded to the words.

Down Under

The Great Northern Highway is the longest road in Australia.  It extends from the small port of Wyndham (now eclipsed by Kununurra) in a westerly direction to Broome, then south all the way to Perth, a distance of 3200 kilometers (1990 miles.)  The  Gibb River Road  intersects the highway about 60 kms south of Wyndham.  The Gibb began life as a route to drive cattle into the port town of Derby.  Today, cattle are loaded on road trains, giant trucks with double trailers that can top out at 200 tons.  The cattle are driven to Broome for shipping to markets in Asia.

After a two-hour, bone-jarring trip from the heart of the Bungle Bungles, we reconnect with the Great Northern highway for our long journey back to Broome, the end of a 2500 km loop. We are still roughly 700 kms (437 miles) away and there are only two towns…

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